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Auger Filler: Vertical: For Dry Product Specification

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Our Vertical Auger Fillers dose most powders volumetrically with scale feedback for precision weighing. Filling dry products does not need to be difficult.But you need to talk with packaging experts, like Bradwood Packaging, who understands how to match your product, container to the right machinery.

You Can Control The Amount Of Powder Delivered By Setting The Number Of Auger Revolution.

A vertical auger looks like a corkscrew, it’s long Stainless Steel spiral blade wrapped around a central shaft, it’s driven by an electric motor at the top of the auger.

The screw displaces a certain amount of product each revolution, by precisely controlling the dosage.
The auger rotates in the hopper filled with lose powder. As it turns, it drives the powder through the bottom of the hopper into a narrow tube, where the powder is drawn down the tube by the turning screw. The auger runs through the narrow tube, creating a tight fit, so as the screw turns, it pulls the prescribed amount of powder down the tube filling the container.
The Agitator keeps the feed to the centre of the auger.
As the vertical auger sends measured doses into the packaging container, the closed hopper is topped up with powder to maintain the levels, so there’s no interruption in production and maintaining a constant head pressure.
The PLC sends a signal to the auger drive system, which turns the auger a pre-set number of revolutions delivering a measured dose of product. You can control the amount of powder delivered by setting the number of revolution the auger turns. This can be measured and calibrated to deliver a precise amount of powder.
Bradwood Packaging’s Auger Fillers use a combination of Weight and Volumetric Filling.

Weigh & volumetric can be combined to offer a weighing solution, that allows the speed of a volumetric filler with the accuracy of net weighing.

Our system uses scale feedback to monitor the filler and correct any inaccuracy. You won’t want to deliver too much or too little to the consumer, but you would want to pack as fast as possible.

The biggest headache in packing & filling is the dreaded bottleneck. The speed of your plant is determined by your constraints, which often is the filler and the check weigher.

So you need to match your weighing system to the same speed as a machine can fill. There’s no point having super fast filling, if the weighing becomes a bottleneck.

Volume: Using a servo-drive to control the acceleration, speed and number of revolutions to dispense the required amount of product. We achieve speeds of up to 5000rpm and stop in 0.2 seconds with this technology. This is the lowest cost and fastest solution with an option to weigh samples and correct fills by weight. Without this scale feedback, you rely on manual adjustment or a product with good volumetric repeatability.

Weight: Using scales to accurately control the servo system to the required fill. The system uses programmable fill points for fast and slow- feed into your container. This method is used for non homogeneous powders where the repeat accuracy of each volumetrically delivered amount is not consistent and weighing while filling is the best solution.

Combination: Using both Volume & Weight filling to maximize container capacity
* Use volumetric filling to fill your container to 95% of it’s final weight and then index to the weigh station to top up precisely. At higher capital cost, this option offers the benefit of filling accurately by weight with high throughput. It suits most auger suitable powders.

Accepts a wide range of Augers to match the dry powder you’re filling
Servo driven motor for accurate control of acceleration speed and revolutions
Weight feedback
Hopper level controls for special products
Vertical Auger Weight Feedback Upgrade to PLC includes a digital scale which feeds weight information back into main PLC & makes adjustments as required to keep filling machine on target weight within tolerances.
Internal Agitator With Timer Controls To Keep Product Feed
Stainless steel construction hopper, built to sanitary standards (Mild Steel hidden subframe)
Hoppers come in 25, 45, 50, and 60 Litres capacity
Split hopper design for easy unlocking and cleaning hopper and auger tooling
Adjustment height control, so it’s easy to fill different sized containers, bags, tubs, etc
Support column provides mounting flange for floor stand or machine mounting above other equipment
Standard checkweigh scale with weight feedback for automatic adjustment for product variances
Program for master/slave chaining of fillers for dosing products in selected ratios.
Can be mounted on bagmakers, bottle/jar fillers or ground manual mounting

Augers Specifications
Each auger needs to be designed to suit the dry product being filled.

The auger in auger filler is not a dumb screw but a precision engineered component designed to match product characteristics as well as filling speed and volume requirements.

Auger stems & OD flight needs to be exactly concentric to avoid erratic dispensing. One size does not fit all, even on products that appear similar. So talk to Bradwood Packaging so the correct auger combination can be designed for your product and adapted to match each unique type and container requirement.



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