Weighbridge: Above Ground - Freight Weigh

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Weighbridge: Above Ground - Freight Weigh Specification

  • Model : Weighbridge: Above Ground - Freight Weigh
  • Subcategory : Weighing Scales
  • Condition : New


Trade & Non-Trade Configurations
Key Features of the Freight Weigh Above-Ground Weighbridge:
Made from Strong Steel - 530mm to 600mm Steel Universal Beams are used for the structural frame to minimise bending.
Reinforced - Cross bracing every 5 metres to prevent twisting. Plus, all welds of the steel structure are 8mm.
Rust Proof - Galvanised steel frames & components protects your investment from corrosion.
Weather Proof Load Cell - Our weighbridges are powered by hermetically sealed load cells made from 17-4PH stainless steel.
Steel or Concrete Available - Steel decks are relocatable. Concrete for permanent installations.

Maximum Axle Loading
• Single Axle 9 Tonne
• Tandem Drive Axle 16.5 Tonne
• Tri Drive Axle 20 Tonne

Designed Axle Spacing
• 1.3 Metre

Standard Capacities
- 10 Tonne
- 30 Tonne
- 60 Tonne
- 80 Tonne
- 100 Tonne
- Other capacities available upon request
± 10 KG
± 20 KG
± 50 KG

Construction: Galvanised Steel Installation
Deck Construction: Steel
Load Cell Model: Titan Industrial Stainless Steel (Hermetically sealed IP68)

Load Cell Capacity (each)
20,000 KG
40,000 KG
45,000 KG

Sealing & Load Cell Cabling: Rigid PVC & Flexible Steel Conduit
Digital Indicator: Gedge Instrument
Design Loading: Designed to comply with RTA Axle load limits
Ground Compaction: 160 kPa required
NMI Approved (For Trade Version Decks): Load Cell Weighbridge 6B/206



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