Industrial Mixer: Ribbon Mixer: Liquid/Powders/Gas


Industrial Mixer: Ribbon Mixer: Liquid/Powders/Gas Specification

  • Model : Industrial Mixer: Ribbon Mixer: Liquid/Powders/Gas
  • Subcategory : Ribbon Mixers
  • Condition : New


The Ribbon Mixer is ideal for blending powder & granular ingredients of similar size, shape & density, although gas and liquid streams can also be added. If you’re mixing free-flowing solids or slurries of similiar size & density, then the Ribbon mixer would be the best solution.

The Ribbon Mixer can be configured, for either batch or continuous mixing. They come in sizes ranging from 100- to 20,000-litre working capacity.

Choppers can be added, when blending liquids or pastes and dispersing small ingredients.

Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixers are mainly used in the food industry, where bulk materials are blended repeatedly.

Ribbon mixer is of wide range applications in different fields. It applies to various materials and particle sizes with high homogeneity.
Ribbon mixer is highly efficient within short time. For different raw materials and particle sizes, the homogeneity is very high.

For viscous or cohesive materials, ribbon mixer performs much better than other horizontal mixers.
The minimal gap between ribbon and vessel ensures mixing efficiency and minimal dead spots.
The performance of packing seal and air purge seal for the main shaft seal is airtight. Packing glands are made of waterproof PTFE which is abrasion-resistant and guarantees long life in service.
Ribbon mixer is easy to clean through clean-out door or top lid.
During mixing and homogeneity is high, Ribbon Mixers add >15% liquid additive by spray nozzles.
Jacket of different types such as steam jacket, dimpled jacket, electric heating bars jacket, water jacket, heat transfer oil jacket, are widely used for different applications.
Discharges including flap valve, slide gate valve, ball valve and butterfly valve are optional for different solutions. Different controls like manual, pneumatic, and electric drives are also available.
Vacuum or air inflation is also applicable for some special purposes.
Ribbons can be changed into blades or non-continuous as the case maybe for different raw materials or purposes.
High-speed choppers are optional.
The vessel fabrication is stable, robust and easy to install and maintain. The whole mixing process is reliable which results in low maintenance and low wear.

Key Features:
Optimal mixing homogeneity
Short mixing time
Excellent reproducibility of batch production
Minimum wear and low maintenance
Easy access to mixer/ Easy to clean
Excellent mixing at any product level
Low power consumption
Wide applications

Applications of Ribbon Mixer:

Pigment & Dye
Animal Feed
Construction Material
Ceramic Powder
Mining Industry



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