Pneumatic Valve Packer: Powders & Granules - PVPE


Pneumatic Valve Packer: Powders & Granules - PVPE Specification

  • Model : Pneumatic Valve Packer: Powders & Granules - PVPE
  • Subcategory : Valve Packer
  • Condition : New


Fast Bagger for powders & granules
For the fastest dry solid packer, the PVPE Air Packer gives you reliable & fast bagging.

The PVPE Air Packer works by using air fluidisation and different pressures between the product chamber and the bag where the product is to be filled.

Differences in the air pressure results in the product flowing quickly into valve bags.

Designed To Bag Free Flowing, Non Clumping Powders and Granules.

Reasons to choose the PVPE:
High accuracy with patented loadcell technology
Air-flow feed-system provides high production rates
Easy clean-out & changeover of new products using accessible rear hatch
Speed can be adjusted manually for weight fine-tuning
Quick adjustment control to suit bag sizes
Operator friendly controls
Internal & external parts are easy to clean
Butterfly valve made from high strength anti-wearing material for abrasive products
Built with universal industrial components to ensure easy maintenance
Components kept dust-free: pneumatic & electrical control equipment housed in positive pressure enclosure
Structural steel construction
Choice of powder-coated Mild steel or selective Stainless Steel
Manufactured to comply to International & Australian standards
Uses quality European component brands such as Festo, Metalwork, Schneider & SMC
Modular design: the PVPE interfaces with other filling systems & check weighers
Smart control panel: you can use the PVPE control panel to talk to your existing packers & weighers
Customisation options available



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