Crane Scale: Wireless - Up to 100 Tonnes "RW"


Crane Scale: Wireless - Up to 100 Tonnes "RW" Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Model : Crane Scale: Wireless - Up to 100 Tonnes "RW"
  • Subcategory : Weighing Scales
  • Condition : New


RW Wireless Crane Scale
RW Wireless Crane Scale
The RW Wireless Crane Scale is a combination of AET-4 Tension Loadcell & RWS Wireless Weighing Indicator. AWE’s most hired-out scale built for Operators Safety.

The AWE Group leads the way in Crane Scale technology, with their RW Wireless Crane Scale, Wireless Crane Scale set is one of AWE’s most hired out range of scales, because it’s built solid and was designed with the operators safety in mind.

This unit was designed to keep crane operators safe by keeping them out of harms way. The Wireless AET-4 Tension Loadcell sends the digitally captured weight to the RWS Wireless Indicator.

With the tough new OH&S laws, not only is this dangerous to life and limb, but could also prove costly by not knowing your loads you are lifting.

The RW Wireless Crane Scale affords the crane operator a line of sight to the weight indicator eliminating the need to stand under a heavy load suspended above. This ensures the work safety of all your workers on-site.

RW Wireless Crane Scale Key Features:

An economical general purpose instrument
AET-4 Tension Loadcell Fitted with a wireless receiver
RW Wireless Weight Indicator
Functions include, net/gross shift, units conversion
Battery provides up to 40 hours of continuous use (without backlight)
Wireless communication distance up to 100m
Optional RS-232 can connect to a mini printer, label printer or computer
Wireless Unit is fitted to the AET-4 Wireless Tension Loadcell
From 10 tonnes to 100 tonnes
Power packs to recharge internal rechargeable batteries



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