Forklift Scale - Onboard Weighing System for fork truck 1% Accuracy*

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Forklift Scale - Onboard Weighing System for fork truck 1% Accuracy* Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Model : Forklift Scale - Onboard Weighing System for fork truck 1% Accuracy*
  • Condition : New


The Safe Weigh indicator with Hydraulic Pressure Transducer is one of our most popular Forklift Onboard Weighing Solutions.

Notable features of the Safe Weigh with Pressure Transducer include:

- +/- 1% accuracy of machine capacity
- DIY installation - each kit comes with instructions for installation and calibration (fitting service is also available at an additional cost)
- Suitable for all makes and models of Fork Trucks
- Easy to read backlit LCD display
- No loss of lifting capacity
- Maintenance-free
- Australian Design & Manufactured
- 9-70 volt DC
- Custom Heavy-Duty Case
- Rubber mounted bracket
- Rugged electronic design

This high quality system comes at a low purchase price, it can be easily fitted to almost any Fork Truck in around 2 hours, and it offers an excellent +/-1% accuracy of the forklift capacity.

A pressure transducer is fitted to the machines hydraulic lines so when a load is lifted, the transducer senses changes to pressure in the hydraulic lines. This data is then sent to the indicator where a weight reading is displayed on an easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

The Safe Weigh indicator is user friendly, featuring 6 button navigation and text prompts on the display to help the user navigate through the menus. The indicator supports the addition of several other peripheral devices such as printers and safety lock-outs/alarms - options that allow you to customise your scale to your specific needs.

With an increasing awareness of Safety in the work place, it has never been more important to have a method of continuously monitoring loads on your materials handling equipment.

Benefits of fitting this system:
- Improved safety
- Eliminate Overload Fines
- Check consignment weights
- Avoid underloading trucks
- Reduce trips to the weighbridge
- Check incoming/outgoing goods
- Eliminate machinery and racking overload


Type: Digital with microprocessor control
Applications: Suitable for most Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Walkie Stackers, Side Loaders
Accuracy: ±1% of capacity (e.g. If lift capacity is 1000kg then accuracy is ±10 kg)
Dimension: W:215mm x H:106mm x D:90mm (scale only)
Dimension: W:260mm x H:140mm x D:90mm (including bracket)
Resolution: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 (selectable to suit installation)
Temperature: 0°C to 40°C operating range
Supply voltage: 9Vdc to 70Vdc standard
Supply current: Less than 250mA
Housing rating: Weatherproof (IP65)
Display: 20mm (H) x 6 digits LCD extended, Plain message prompting
Backlight: LED fibre optic
Warranty: 12 months on instrument and sensors
Fitting time: Typically two hours
Recalibration: Six monthly (recommended) 12 monthly (standard)
Approvals: C-Tick, CE-Approved
Notes: N.B. Not legal for trade use.

Optional Printer
Printer (Option) 60mm plain paper
Characters: 20 per line
Supply: 12v DC 16 to 60v with optional adapter
Current: 200 mA standby
1A peak printing
Fields: Weight, Date, Time, Gross Weight



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