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  • Model : Test Weights: Calibration Weight: Purchase or Hire
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Our masses are premium quality stainless steel, highly polished and non magnetic.

We offer one accuracy class, O.I.M.L Class F2.

There are hundreds of different styles and accuracy classes available for stainless steel masses but we have done our homework and come up with a range that is priced right and covers 99% of the market needs.

This standard is suitable for calibration of both analytical balances (Class II) and trade scales (Class III).

Of course we can issue our own certificates, NATA or REG 13 depending on your application.
We sell loose weights in six sizes from 100g to 5kg. The best value is represented by our two boxed sets that allows calibrations from 1mg – 210g (set 1) or 1mg – 6.1kg (set 2) respectively.

If you require a unique weight, an unusual shape or tolerance we will be happy to assist.

High Polish Finish
Non Magnetic
REG13, NATA or AWE Certificate
Sized from 1mg to 5kg
Class III Trade & Inspector Weights
O.I.M.L. Class F2
Custom Weights Available
What You Get With The Small Masses
Surface Finish:
High polish, Non magnetic stainless steel
Accuracy Class:
O.I.M.L. R111-2 to F class ( international )
Regulation 13, Class II ( Australian NMI ) ASTM
E617 Class 5 ( USA )
Weights to be varied every three years. ( REG 13 )



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