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Australian weighing equipment Safe Weigh System

Safe Weigh System The Digital Materials Handling Weighing Scale. The low cost Digital solution L.C.D display. Quick and easy installation retro-fitable to any forklift. Typical accuracy is +/-1% of the forklift capacity. Non Expandable The “Safe- ...


Australian weighing equipment axlp large platform scale

Heavy Duty Trade-Approved Platform Scales The Stingray large platform scales will deliver fast accurate weighing of bulk goods The Stingray Large Platform is designed for everyday use in the busiest factories. Choose from one of our standard model ...


Australian made Concrete Reclaimer - USED

Used Condition - Less than 20 Hours Use Concrete Reclaimer This concrete reclaimer uses environmentally sustainable technology to separate solids from water. Here are the solids it can reclaim: Washed sand Stone Mortar Concrete Washout The recla ...


Australian weighing equipment Front End Load Feeder - Used

Used Front end load feeder - - Complete with stand - Geared motor - High torque


Australian weighing equipment De-Watering Screw and Auger - Used

De-Watering Screw and Auger Used condition - Less than 20 hours use Model: XL450 Diameter x Length (mm) 450 x 6650 Material Diameter (mm): 10 Angle: 10º Water Throughput (t/h): 6 to 60 Product Treating (t/h): 50 Motor Power (kw): 7.5 ...


Australian weighing equipment Trommell/Screen - Less than 20 Hours

Used Trommel/Screen - Less than 20 hours 2 x 6m x 2.4m barrels fitted with punch plate on one frame, giving overall trommel length of 12m. Including stand as per picture - Industrial Heavy Duty Design - SEW Eurodrive Motors + Gearbox (X 2) - Scree ...


Australian weighing equipment longneck + cockatoo counting scale

Harsh Environment Accuracy from 60 kg to 300 kg Longneck Platform Scale with Counting Indicator for Wet or Dry Environments The Longneck Platform Scale with the Cockatoo Counting Indicator will accurately weigh capacities from 60kg up to 300kg. The ...


Australian weighing equipment pelican waterproof bench scale

Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale is ideal for food processing & weighing + packing trade applications If you need a trade-approved portable, waterproof scale then the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale fits the bill. Designed for accurate weighing & pack ...


Australian weighing equipment possum counting scale

Eliminate errors for large volume counting with the Possum The Possum Counting Scale has an extensive range of weighing and counting functions. The Possum series counting scale will improve reliability by eliminating errors and unnecessary repetitio ...


Australian weighing equipment Freight Weigh Above Ground Weighbridge

Trade & Non-Trade Configurations Key Features of the Freight Weigh Above-Ground Weighbridge: Connector. Made from Strong Steel 530mm to 600mm Steel Universal Beams are used for the structural frame tominimise bending. Connector. Reinforced Cross brac ...


Australian weighing equipment RW-wireless crane scale

RW Wireless Crane Scale AWE-Group-RW-Wireless-Crane-Scale161 RW Wireless Crane Scale 1 2 3 4 The RW Wireless Crane Scale is a combination of AET-4 Tension Loadcell & RWS Wireless Weighing Indicator. AWE’s most hired-out scale built for Operators Sa ...


Australian weighing equipment wombat counting scale

The Wombat counts faster and more accurately If you’re still manually counting stock, you’ll know how difficult it can be. The task of counting identical pieces like; screws, nuts, bolts or parts can be tedious. Not surprisingly manual countin ...

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