About Us

The AWE Group manufactures filling, sealing to palletising lines, as well as designing complete plant lines. So if you have questions about factory layout and packaging equipment, then talk to The AWE Group about our solutions. Call or email us today and find out how our sales team and project engineers can assist you in finding the best Packing, Bagging & Material Handling solution for your needs.

Jeff & Trevor Baillie started AWE in 1981, focusing on weighing & packaging solutions based on engineering principles. For the last 30 years AWE has built its reputation as a leading supplier of robust Packaging & Bulk Handling Equipment. Our innovative engineering, and continuous product improvement have led to designs that will stand up to the rigors and demands your product line will throw at it.

AWE Group’s Bulk Handling & Packaging Machinery can reduce or eliminate the need to manually perform repetitive tasks of filling, packaging and palletising.

We know that one size does not fit all. If our ‘Out-of-the-box’ equipment does not suit your needs, then talk to us about a custom solution. We are ready & able to engineer a cost effective design based on our 30 years experience.

The biggest compliment we hear is, “Your packaging equipment is Over-Engineered”. Our response: “The AWE Group knows most packaging equipment operates in a harsh environment. They cop a pounding. We must engineer to survive these conditions, the AWE Group understands our reputation depends on this. So we prefer to build our packaging equipment based on our experience to anticipate and cope with the harsh conditions of factory life.”

Awe Group

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